About Us

Everything you wanted to know about us.

About Us.

Wood Team is a chair manufacturing company established in 2010. The chairs are manufactured at four production facilities located in Ilijaš, Breza, Visoko and Zenica. Company headquarters is located in the town of Visoko, 25 kilometers from the Sarajevo airport and 300m from the main highway.

Wood Team currently employs approximately 450 people and its daily production capacity is around 1500 chairs. 

Customer Benefits.

Being able to produce high quality chairs while keeping low prices is the number one reason why customers choose us. We are constantly striving to improve and bring better results.

The proximity of Bosnia and Herzegovina to European markets promises flexibility and short delivery times.

Wood Team design studio and the development department work together with our customers to meet their needs and ideas with personalized design

Main activities of the plant in Ilijaš:

  • Wood drying (capacity of 450m3)
  • Production of wooden chair elements
  • Storage of sub-assemblies

The main activities of the plant in Visoko:

  • Mechanical preparation of chair elements for assembling
  • Assembly and varnishing of chair construction
  • Cutting and sewing of chair cover materials
  • Upholstery
  • Storage of chairs

Key indicators of our success:

  • Increasing number of chairs produced annually - in 2012 Wood Team produced 28.000 chairs and by 2017 this number increased to 180.000
  • The number of employees is 170 and it is constantly increasing
  • Great cooperation with local firms
  • More products placed on the foreign market
  • Investments made in own design and product development